Creative Brief Summary

Similar to Rachel Platten's story Sony/Columbia needed a site to showcase the work of singer/songwriter, Leon Bridges. The Client wanted a site that spoke to Leon's Identity. Again something clear, concise and to the point that allowed photographs to tell the story of who Leon Bridges is before listening to the music.  For this project, I was the lead art director and worked again in collaboration with Eric Montanez of Haight Brand.

Creative Solution

Similar to that of Rachel Platten’s project, the direction for Leon Bridge’s site was to be precise. In efforts of creating an easily navigable site, we created a one page site to eliminate the amount of time and the number of clicks a visitor would have to make before they got to the information they were seeking. For us this provided a convenient user experience, and saved a lot of time. Being able to find information on the tickets and easily accessible merchandise purchasing from the website was crucial as well.

This was also created within a short deadline. I personally am pleased with how, given our limitations, we created something that supports the artist's story and aesthetic.


The client was pleased with the production of the website. You can view the live site at