The Project:

I had been in talks with Aaron of Bucketfeet shoe brand about submitting some art to be printed one a pair of shoes. The company seeked engage more local artists and I was a part of that initiative. They really wanted me to do a shoe and I thought it was a great idea and something really good for artists like myself.


Creative Solution:

At the time of the development of this design, I lacked the popularity of most local artists. I honestly was quite taken back when approached about executing the project, due to my lack of a following for my art, so I chose to use my knowledge about trend forecasting.

I took the risk by taking what I observed as the following year’s trends and blended them with something that really was interesting to me… cartography. I saw signs in the home decor market that maps and specimen drawings were being used in creative ways to decorate everything from personal homes to store displays. They were commonly sold on sites like and other home goods outlets. For me, it only seemed natural that we were going to start seeing those prints on textiles next.



I was right, the following year you saw a lot of maps on everything from hoodies to backpacks, by the time my mid-top dropped the consumer fully caught up and it resulted in the highest selling design in their new Mid-Top model.