Here we are. Finally here posting about the exhibition that seemed like such a big feat that was out of left field and that was a big goal of mine. Who Else But Us has sooo much meaning and bookmarks an important phase in my life. This show was really important for Chicago and Singapore and I’m very happy to have followed through. Thank you for everyone who supported this happening. I have such a strong team now and I love you all. I look forward to doing a lot more of this with you in the future. I see some thing here. On the team side I’d like to thank @dougankhim@daliahammar@jaycosign@dnbarnes for coming thru when I had a copy writer ghost on me at the worse time and last but not least thank you @pherolive for being there, being so committed and truly believing in me. Phero man I appreciate you so much and I’m so glad we got the time to grow even more man, you’re amazing. Thank you @nikko.washington! I’d also like to thank everyone who helped out on the @annex.asia side of things. Y’all killed it you guys filled in the gaps before I even realized they were there so thorough and consistent. I love y’all so much, such an amazing job. Everything got documented every inch covered thank u so much @le_messie@thaartist @jamis_simaj Kassim, @valfarkairox @ harunrshd and the rest of the squad that helped out. Thank u to Koflow and @skl0_ for being cool as shit and so willing to work in this project. Thank u for hanging out a bit and just being amazing. Thank u to Wan and the @taksu.galleriesstaff for being so on top of everything and showing me so much love at the events! Thank u to @kilolounge!! To Javier, Joshua, Tim and Luca. I really appreciate your dedication and awesomeness even catering the art show. Some truly standup guys very dedicated to their crafts your amazing as well. Thank you to Amanda for your kind words and being genuine and thank you to @tabithanauser for showing love too. Your future looks so promising, I am very happy for you! peace and blessings to you! Lastly thank you to the staff at the Apple Store in Singapore for letting me lead and trusting my presentation. The show will be up until June 4th so stop thru and show some love!