Brandon Breaux is an Fine Artist/Designer working out of Chicago. His creative experience is comprised of painting, sculpture, web, video, print, and interactive projects. Currently his work contributes to clients marketing efforts, attracting and maintaining consumer loyalty and interest. Widely known as the artist behind all 3 of Chance the Rapper's iconic album covers, Brandon continues to meet the demands of the evolving market by having a good understanding what inspires an audience and what moves the culture. His primary goal is to produce creative solutions, with authentic sensibility and an undeniable aesthetic.

Artist Statement

Brandon Breaux is an American Artist from born in Chicago, IL. His work focuses on identity, the subconscious mind and the fragility of the human psyche. His primary medium is oil paint, occasionally using video, digital illustration, animation and fashion in his works. With the overall goal to use his art to inspire and educate, Breaux uses symbolism to tell a larger story as a way to inform the audience through his perspective.